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    Judith Susan "Judy" Sheindlin, also referred to as Judge Judy, is definitely author television personality, developer, and an American attorney. Since 1996, Sheindlin has presided over her own prosperous Day Emmy Award�winning reality courtroom series, Judge Judy.

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    Sheindlin and the New York state bar exam in 1965 handed and became a prosecutor in the family court process. In 1982 New York City Mayor Ed Koch employed her in legal court as a judge , then later as Manhattan's managing family court judge in 1986.

    It had been reported in mid-2012 that Sheindlin was the greatest paid tv persona, making 000 per episode of Judge Judy, $123, or $45 trillion annually for that 52 days per year that she tapes her show. In October 2013 it had been noted that Sheindlin was nevertheless the highest paid Television celebrity, making $47 thousand annually .

    The series has earned her the honorific of "Court Exhibit King". Sheindlin is the longest serving judge or arbitrator in courtroom- a difference that received Sheindlin a spot within the Guinness World Records, themed coding heritage.

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